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February 2021

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Daraa reveals the grim reality of Russian vision of safe environment

The Syrian regime continues breaching the reconciliation agreement it has concluded with the opposition forces in Daraa in 2018. These breaches reveal that the Russian reconciliation agreements have failed once more to deliver the security and peace promised by the regime.

SACD published an article explaining how the deteriorating security situation in Daraa is the safe environment as defined by Russia, and how Daraa is only a microcosm of what reality for all of Syria would be if Russia was to “guarantee” safe environment for millions of displaced Syrians.

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Yasin Aktay: Turkey will not force Syrian refugees into unsafe return

In a series of conversations with current and former officials and experts from countries whose policies have major impact on displaced Syrians, journalist and transitional justice expert Refik Hodzic will seek to illuminate some of the key policies, decisions and plans of these countries.

In this interview, Yasin Aktay, a sociologist, social activist, Deputy Chairman of the ruling AK party in Turkey, and chief advisor to the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, explains Turkey’s position on a number of issues impacting displaced Syrians, including the prospects of safe and dignified return to Syria, the integration of Syrians in Turkey, Turkey-EU relations on the issue of refugees, and Turkey’s vision of a political solution in Syria.

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SACD seriously concerned with the actions of SDF authorities in Deir Ezzor

Syrian Association for Citizen’s Dignity released a statement expressing serious concern at the actions of the de-facto authorities of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Deir Ezzor, which are causing an increase in displacement and insecurity in the area. We note with concern that the different protests in the region have now become interrelated and that the policies of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria in Deir Ezzor are increasing the fears among the local population in the area, pushing them to leave their towns and villages. 

SACD believes that the international institutions and key states involved in the area take note of the effects of the SDF’s arbitrary decision on forced recruitment of teachers in Deir Ezzor and other decisions affecting the local population adversely. 

Elections in Syria are science fiction without a comprehensive political solution

In any country with minimal respect citizenship and human rights of its citizens, elections are the primary medium of expressing the will and the voice of the people. For decades, we Syrians have not had circumstances where elections would have any meaning beyond a false legitimization of the Assad regime, first Hafez and then his successor Bashar.

SACD’s Dr Marwan Nazhan writes an article expressing how it is utterly pointless to discuss any elections held by the Syrian regime as anything but a macabre spectacle where masses are forced to participate in a farce orchestrated by a dictator and the system that keeps him in power.

39 Years Later: Hama Testifies of the Syrian Regime’s Systemic Use of Terror and Displacement Against Its Own People

Since Hafez al-Assad came to power in 1970, the main features of the security policy used to consolidate his rule in Syria was to exclude all opposition voices and create a loyal militia as one of the main pillars of his rule. Hama province was one of the first Syrian governorates to suffer the effects of this policy built on the exclusion of the majority population in Syria and entrenchment of securitized, sectarian rule. 

SACD published an article to commemorate the 39th anniversary of the Hamas massacre, and to remind the world why Syria will never be safe while the Assad regime is still in power.


“Syria is not safe for any returns”, says Fernande van Tets, author of Four Seasons in Damascus

SACD held an interview with Fernande van Tets, author of 'Four Seasons in Damascus' & former communications officer at UNRWA in Damascus, where she explained about UN's role in Syria & the dilemma it faces, and whether Syria is safe for return of the displaced. “Personally, I do not feel that any part of Syria is safe to return to at the moment. The protection thresholds for return that the UN set out in 2018 have not been met. The voluntary returns that have taken place show that it is not safe to do so”, van Tets said to SACD. 

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Safe Environment Before Everything Else:

Why elections in Syria are illegitimate without political solution

SACD published a 12-page briefing, complemented by a survey of 500 displaced Syrians, which illustrates a key point: fair and free elections are impossible without a comprehensive political solution and a safe environment for all Syrians. 

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