The SACD publishes on quarterly basis some insightful reports that focus on the following areas and themes:
– Safe environment and return conditions
– Security conditions in Syria, with special focus on regime-controlled areas
– Living conditions
– Demographic change
– War economy and corruption in Syria

The reports are based on unique information and data gathered from inside Syria, including regime-controlled areas, and rich with expert analysis and clear and targeted recommendations for regional and international policy makers.

Briefings and Analysis

The SACD is constantly monitoring the situation of the displaced Syrians all over the world, shedding light over the most relevant and impacting issues that are affecting the lives of the displaced people and calling for the appropriate action from the main actors and stakeholders.

In order to proactively inform decision and policy makers about the reality of the displaced Syrians in their current locations, and provide comprehensive recommendation to address pressing problems that are affecting the current situation of the displaced Syrians and to protect them from any ongoing violations of their human and civil rights; the SACD publishes briefings and analysis whenever is needed based on refugees and IDPs current affairs with the necessary set of recommendations