Assassinations sweep Daraa province with regime top suspect

About two months after the Daraa agreement, which stipulated the withdrawal of medium and light weapons from the city, major concerns have been raised over the security of those wanted by the regime as well as those who have joined the regime forces. Recently there seems to be a policy of assassinating young men who […]
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The Russian military negotiated the ceasefire with opposition commanders in Syria's Daraa (Photo: AFP)

Daraa reveals the grim reality of Russian vision of safe environment

Sohaib Boushi, Nader Abosaleh.   In 2018, local notables from southern Syria concluded a reconciliation agreement between the opposition factions from that region and the Syrian regime, under a Russian tutelage. Syrian Association for Citizens Dignity has analysed the failure of this reconciliation agreement in a paper published last year. Since the publication of the […]
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“Reconciliation agreement” in Daraa: Insecurity, continued repression and collective punishment

Introduction “Reconciliation agreements” have been used by the Syrian regime as a tool of establishing control over areas formerly held by opposition forces following brutal sieges and devastating campaigns of force often directed against the civilian population. The former head of the Syrian People’s Assembly, Hadiya Abbas, described the reconciliation agreements being offered by Assad’s […]
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