Abdel Raouf Ahmed, one of the Syrian refugees who were stripped of the right to protection by the Danish authorities. The Syrian Association for Citizens’ Dignity interviewed him earlier where he explained the reasons behind withdrawing his protection and its effects on his life. 

“I rejected the decision because it was tantamount to sending me to inevitable death,” says Abdel-Raouf. Now that the appeal decision was accepted by the court, Al-Ahmad lives with on the hope to continue his life away from the tyranny of the Assad regime. 

After the court’s decision to appeal, Abdel Raouf was transferred to a more comfortable camp. He appointed a lawyer to follow up on the case. He is waiting for the court’s decision, which will be either an amendment or a refusal of the right of asylum. 

Al-Ahmad recounts his fears to the Association in the event of his deportation to Syria. He says, “The court thought that the situation in Syria was the same as in Europe, so it stripped me of the right to protection in the beginning, but the Assad regime does not take into account neither the elderly nor the children, as it arrests, tortures and kills people, regardless of their age,” he added. A number of refugees have resumed their case and have been granted the right to political asylum again. 

Abdel Raouf hopes that he will be treated fairly and justly and be given the chance to spend his life by his son’s side, after he was deprived of living with the rest of his family for choosing to live in safety away from the criminal Assad regime.