On the tenth anniversary of the Syrian Revolution, SACD took part in the global commemoration of the day Syrians took it to the streets to demand freedom and dignity.  

On this occasion, SACD aimed to give displaced Syrians a unique voice and to mobilize them to continue their struggle for their rights and for a safe return to their homes, and also to make the international community aware of the continued insistence of 13 million displaced Syrians on their rights and dignity as the basis for any future political solution for Syria.  

On this day, SACD aimed to capture the voices of all Syrians, wherever they were, and convey their dreams of living with freedom and dignity in Syria. As such, our campaign focused on the “Syrian Dream” and “Karama” (dignity). These voices articulated what is the safe Syria they dream of. Each voice, idea, and dream, is a pillar to create the safe environment Syrians aimed for from the very first dayOur purpose was to convey the message that a safe environment is an indispensable right and a prerequisite for all displaced Syrians to return. This safe environment is the way for Syrians to achieve their goals and hopes they deserve and their rights with the dignity and freedom they have been struggling for since the last 10 years. 

The safe environment is when mothers do not live in constant anxiety that their son will be recruited and sent to fight on the fronts. The safe environment is when children are not afraid of shells falling over their heads while they play in the garden of their home. The safe environment is that a sister does not suffer the pain of losing her brother in the Assad prisons. The safe environment is when a wife does not lose her husband who was executed in field military courts. The safe environment is for every Syrian to return to his home and city and live freely without fear of persecution or discrimination. The safe environment is for a father to leave his home without his children living in fear of the possibility of their father not being returning. Every Syrian dreams of living in dignity, and this dream cannot be fulfilled without the safe environment that will ensure a dignified and voluntary return. 

Despite some attempts to dilute the right of displaced Syrians to a safe and dignified return, and to force them into an immature return to an unsafe Syria, SACD will continue to advocate for the importance of the safe environment as a collective aim and a non-negotiable right for all Syrians.