In a disturbing trend, the Syrian regime and its allies have recently been burning agricultural lands belonging to displaced Syrians with a clear intent to cement their displacement by making it impossible for them to return and harvest the fields and orchards targeted by fires. The systematic nature of the targeting is evident from the fact that such fires have been instigated in different areas and governorates under the control of the regime.

This text provides a closer look in such incidents in Palmyra, Harasta and Qussair. The latest incident relates to the intentional fires started in the historic oases of Palmyra and the homes in the surrounding areas. These fires burned agricultural lands in the area near the Meridian Hotel, in the vicinity of the Temple of Antiquities. The sources of the Syrian Association for Citizens’ Dignity in the region confirmed that the fires raged in the area for hours, with the Syrian regime not making a notable effort to control the blaze.