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January 2021

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Safe Environment Before Everything Else: Why elections in Syria are illegitimate without political solution

SACD published a 12-page briefing, complemented by a survey of 500 displaced Syrians, which illustrates a key point: fair and free elections are impossible without a comprehensive political solution and a safe environment for all Syrians.

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Demographic change: The ultimate goal of the Syrian regime’s policy of forced displacement

It is now clear that for the Syrian regime and its Iranian and Russian allies the forced displacement of millions of Syrians since 2011 is not a mere consequence of the conflict, but a systematic policy to achieve their strategic goals.

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Treatment of Syrian refugees is Lebanon’s most serious human rights failure

On 18 January, the UN Human Rights Council discussed Lebanon’s record on human rights. Lebanese government in its National Report for the 2020 UPR addressed the living conditions of Syrian refugees in three paragraphs. SACD published an analysis that explains the reality of the situation of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

SACD, alongside 30 local and international organizations, signed a letter addressed to the UNHCR and the international community calling upon them to exercise their power to prevent the forced return of Syrian refugees under duress or pressure from Lebanon to Syria and protect them from refoulment.

Seven years since the massacre at University of Aleppo

On 15 Jan 2013, residents of Aleppo were shocked by the detonation of a missile at the University of Aleppo. Another hit the university housing, crammed with displaced people. Dozens were killed on the spot, hundreds wounded. SACD published an article to remind the world of the Assad crimes in Syria and its indiscriminate and systematic targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure.

SACD gravely concerned by UN expert’s parroting of Syrian regime’s position on reconstruction, “Caesar Act”

SACD published a statement expressing astonishment and grave concern, shared by countless displaced Syrians, at the statement of Alena Douhan, a UN human rights expert, in which she expressed positions on return of displaced Syrians and the sanctions imposed on the Syrian regime for human rights abuses, which are identical to those previously stated by the Syrian regime and its Russian allies.


SACD year in review

The Syrian Association for Citizen’s Dignity published its “2020 year in review” documenting all of SACD’s efforts and advocacy work to amplify the voices of the displaced Syrians and call for their right to a safe, voluntary and dignified return.

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Demographic change: The ultimate goal of the Syrian regime’s policy of forced displacement

By the end of 2020, SACD published one of its most important briefings yet about demographic change in Syria, examining the impact of forced displacement on various Syrian communities and the role and the goals of regime in cementing in their displacement. The briefing aimed to highlight some of the key elements of regime policies of demographic change and illustrate its impact on the affected communities, as well as discuss ways to reverse these changes.

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