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July 2021

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UN can deliver humanitarian aid to Idlib legally without UNSC authorization

The conversation on humanitarian aid to north-west Syria must move away from Russian blackmail at the UN Security Council, as there is every moral, political and, most importantly, legal argument for the aid to Idlib to continue even if the UNSC approval is withheld.

SACD addressed the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator and key states involved in discussions on Syria with reasons as to why aid is legal, and presented its recommendations on the issue.

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Aid to Idlib can be delivered without UNSC approval

Toby Cadman is one of 35 international law experts who in 2014 issued an opinion which establishes why the UN SC approval is not a condition for the aid to opposition-held areas of Syria to be legal.

In a conversation with Refik Hodzic, he reiterates this position, speaks about the need for greater transparency of the UN OLA and explains the political nature of the paralysis which threatens millions of lives in northern Syria. 

Beyond UN SC Approval for Aid to Idlib

In conversation with Refik Hodzic, Rebecca Barber, an Australian scholar of international law, discusses the sources of assumption that the UN SC must approve cross border aid to Idlib, and alternative approaches that could end Russia's chokehold threatening more than 3 million people with starvation.

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Dangerous indifference over continuing displacement and suffering of Syrians must end now

Amid the horrifying events taking place in Daraa and Idlib, the Syrian Association for Citizens’ Dignity calls on the key countries and the United Nations agencies involved in Syria to urgently elevate the issue of displacement of Syrians and the creation of a safe environment for their safe, voluntary and dignified return to the top of the political discussion on the future of the country.

Daraa reveals the grim reality of Russian vision of safe environment

The deteriorating security situation in Daraa is the safe environment as defined by Russia. In that “safe environment” Syrians still suffer from murder, kidnapping, arrest, displacement and death while trying to flee. Daraa is only a microcosm of what the reality for all of Syria would be if Russia was to “guarantee” safe environment for millions of displaced Syrians.

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“Reconciliation agreement” in Daraa: Insecurity, continued repression and collective punishment

The deteriorating living conditions and the lack of security situation in Daraa with a continuous silent displacement prove that the “reconciliation model” that was applied in the Syrian south with Russian guarantees failed to achieve the lowest level of stability or secure the minimum public services needed for living, let alone as a model to be considered in any ways as relevant in the context of organized, safe, voluntary and dignified return. 

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