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June 2021

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Denmark’s decision on Syrian refugees in breach of ECHR, EU’s assessment and UNHCR’s thresholds

On World Refugee Day, the Syrian Association for Citizen’s Dignity published a detailed overview of how Denmark’s decision to withdraw protection for Syrian refugees from Damascus and its countryside is in breach of Article (3) of the European Convention on Human Rights, UNHCR’s protection thresholds on return and the official position of the European Commission.

The published materials detail the exchange between SACD and the Danish Minister of Immigration and Integration, Mattias Tesfaye, initiated by our efforts to provide evidence that Syria is not safe for returnees, contrary to the assessment of COI repots by the Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration and the Danish Immigration Service. 

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Denmark strips Syrian refugees their protection status

In past months, SACD spent enormous efforts in correspondence with Denmark authorities and concerned EU bodies to relay how dangerous Danish decision to strip Syrian refugees from protection is and explaining the danger awaiting Syrians should they be forced to return back to an unsafe Syria.

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Joint Statement on Cross-Border Humanitarian Aid Mandate

The Syrian Association for Citizen’s Dignity joined 124 Syrian organizations and networks to reiterate that there is no alternative for the cross-border modality in Syria. All signatories called on the United Nations Security Council member states to renew their commitment to the neutrality of humanitarian assistance and to renew the cross-border resolution. 

Politics which led to Denmark’s inhumane policy on Syrians

The Danish decision to withdraw protection status from Syrian refugees in Denmark, originally from Damascus and its countryside, puts the lives of some 35000 Syrians at risk. Ghassan Rahmi writes “If the world remains silent, more families will be in risk of splitting, losing their livelihoods or being forced to flee again. This time with nowhere to go.”


Syrian regime is targeting returnees and Denmark’s government knows it

“This is a criminal regime that never keeps its promises… Beware, no one should ever believe their words.”

SACD publishes true stories among hundreds of stories that documents the oppression and harassment faced by Syrian refugees who were forced, due to hard living conditions, to return to areas under the control of the Syrian regime.  

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“Reconciliation agreement” in Daraa: Insecurity, continued repression and collective punishment

The deteriorating living conditions and the lack of security situation in Daraa with a continuous silent displacement prove that the “reconciliation model” that was applied in the Syrian south with Russian guarantees failed to achieve the lowest level of stability or secure the minimum public services needed for living, let alone as a model to be considered in any ways as relevant in the context of organized, safe, voluntary and dignified return. 

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