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May 2021

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10 reasons why elections are impossible

The upcoming presidential elections in Syria are a mere farce, not only because they lack any legitimacy or credibility, but also because they are utterly preposterous in the absence of a comprehensive political solution. 

The Syrian Association for Citizen’s Dignity has published ten reasons extensively explaining why elections in Syria are impossible in the current circumstances. The reasons included constitutional, security and logistical impediments to the participation of not only displaced Syrians around the world, but also Syrians living inside Syria, both in opposition-held and regime-held areas.

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Panel on Obstacles for Holding Free and Fair Elections in Syria

Syria is far away from holding any free and fair elections. Conducting credible elections in the current circumstances is just science fiction and impossible. Hence, these elections are just an illegitimate exercise in entrenching of the dictatorial rule of this regime. 

Haya Atassi, from SACD’s public relations team, discussed this issue with Hanna Roberts, an elections expert working with IFES, Vladimir Pran, who is an electoral advisor, Kareem Chehayeb, a Lebanese journalist who covers Syria and Dr Hala Ghawi, member of SACD trustees.

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Elections in Syria without safe environment are science fiction

SACD member Mounir al-Fakir, who is a a founding partner in the Association of Detainees and Missing Persons of Sednaya Prison and himself a former detainee at Sednaya prison , writes on his dream of elections in Syria & insists that “talking about elections when there is not even a prospect of a safe environment for all Syrians is not only a waste of time, but in fact dangerous.” 

Al-Fakir explains how there are several obstacles that need to be surpassed in order to hold free and fair elections, where Syrians are not only free to vote but also free to run for office. Such elections require a comprehensive framework that Syrians perceive to be legitimate, which can only be implemented as part of a comprehensive and sustainable political solution that guarantees a safe environment for all Syrians, including the displaced.

SACD statement on the wave of public demonstrations in Al-Hasakah and the suppression by the Syrian Democratic Forces

A wave of public demonstrations have erupted in various parts of Al-Hasakah governorate as part of inclusive and unique protests following Resolution /119/ issued by the Executive Council for Autonomous Administration in Northeast Syria to raise fuel prices. These demonstrations came as a result of the poor living conditions in Al-Hasakah governorate.

The Syrian Association for Citizen’s Dignity issued a statement stressing that this public movement is a dangerous indication of a situation that has been worsening for a long time, which will inevitably lead to more waves of displacement. Moreover, this situation is exacerbated by the return of ISIS influence in areas and towns under the control of the SDF. All this has been accompanied by the policies of the Autonomous Administration which is based on corruption, suppression of freedoms and discrimination, while the original people of the region are still refugees in camps in northern Iraq, neighboring countries and Europe. 

Statement on the forced displacement of Syrian citizens from the village of Um Batneh in Al-Quneitra

The Syrian Association for Citizen’s Dignity (SACD) has monitored the painful events that led to the displacement of Syrian citizens from the village of Um Batneh in al-Quneitra to northern Syria. SACD was keen on closely following up on the situation with the aim of compiling accurate information from eyewitnesses  in order to understand the reasons behind their displacement from their original place of residence to northern Syria.

As a result, SACD issued a statement to strongly condemn the forced displacement carried out by the Iranian forces against the Syrians in the village of Um Batneh firstly by bombing the village and then arresting and extorting some of its residents. In addition, SACD denounced the way in which some factions of the Syrian National Army (SNA) treated the displaced who have reached the northern countryside of Aleppo, and reaffirmed that the crime of forced displacement against the Syrian people continues in Syria, and that the only solution to end the waves of internal displacement and asylum is to create a safe environment for all Syrians. 

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Safe Environment Before Everything Else:

Why elections in Syria are illegitimate without political solution

SACD published a 12-page briefing, complemented by a survey of 500 displaced Syrians, which illustrates a key point: fair and free elections are impossible without a comprehensive political solution and a safe environment for all Syrians. 

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